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Month: August 2014

Random Walk from Processing to Tableau

For another submission to Viz as Art contest at Tableau, I wanted to create something involving randomness and random walk specifically. But I found that the classic random walk algorithm creates results that are, well…too random, as opposed to the organic, botanical shapes I was looking for. Luckily, someone has already thought of developing a “Random Walk with Transition Probabilities that Depend on Direction of Motion”. It sounds nerdy, but that is just the recipe that Mother Nature uses to build branches on a blueberry bush, dandelion’s see head or the maple tree outside my window.  In particular, a particle...

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Lorenz Attractor – There is Chaos in Tableau!

Inspired by the work of Noah Salvaterra and his beautiful Tableau visualizations of fractals and L-Systems, I made this visual of the Lorenz Strange Attractor. Edward Lorenz, a meteorologist and mathematician,  developed a set of equations to model atmospheric convection. When plotted in 3-dimensional space, the equations generate a beautiful pattern. If you want to know more, here is a nice introduction to Chaos Theory. How did I make the plot in Tableau? I used Processing to generate the points (see code below) but this could could as easily be done in Excel. PrintWriter textFile; //set parameters float h=0.008;...

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Photo Art in Tableau

Do you know what pointillism is? It’s a technique of painting with small distinct dots to create an image. And you can do this with Tableau! Well, sort of. I made this series of pointillistic representations of well known photographs and paintings for Tableau’s Viz As Art contest. Be sure to click on the “photoart” tab to view my collection of 10 images, as well at the “revolution” tab. I used Processing to extract each pixel’s coordinate and colour value, convert RGB colour values to greyscale and output the table to a text file. The Processing code is listed...

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