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Random Walk from Processing to Tableau

For another submission to Viz as Art contest at Tableau, I wanted to create something involving randomness and random walk specifically. But I found that the classic random walk algorithm creates results that are, well…too random, as opposed to the organic, botanical shapes I was looking for. Luckily, someone has already thought of developing a […]

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Lorenz Attractor – There is Chaos in Tableau!

Inspired by the work of Noah Salvaterra and his beautiful Tableau visualizations of fractals and L-Systems, I made this visual of the Lorenz Strange Attractor. Edward Lorenz, a meteorologist and mathematician, ┬ádeveloped a set of equations to model atmospheric convection. When plotted in 3-dimensional space, the equations generate a beautiful pattern. If you want to […]

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Photo Art in Tableau

Do you know what pointillism is? It’s a technique of painting with small distinct dots to create an image. And you can do this with Tableau! Well, sort of. I made this series of pointillistic representations of well known photographs and paintings for Tableau’s Viz As Art contest. Be sure to click on the “photoart” […]

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