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Women still underrepresented in films

It is not a secret that women in films are underrepresented and underpaid compared to their male partners. But what exactly is a percentage of films with women in lead roles compared to films led by men? I explored movies released so far in 2017 to find out. The most difficult part of making this […]

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Setting map classification with parameters

Maps are tricky, especially quantitative choropleth maps. Not because they are hard to make in Tableau. Just the opposite, it takes just a few mouse clicks to make one but is it right? It depends on the data. When you drop a continuous measure on the Filled Map, Tableau creates a choropleth map and assigns […]

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4 methods to import line geography into Tableau

If you’ve played with Tableau’s new spatial data connector, you might have come across an error like this: or even this: The first error message will pop up if you try to connect to a spatial file containing lines and the second when your spatial file contains more than one feature type. Geographic features can be […]

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